Why do bikers carry knives?

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Bikers across the US and Canada are known for their big motor bikes and the stereotypical look of wearing black leather jackets and sporting colorful tattoos. Some also label bikers as people having a laid-back lifestyle of going from one place to another with a bunch of other riders.  Aside from their bikes and looks, bikers are also known to carry knives while riding. This has puzzled some people because having at least one knife is almost always expected from a biker.

When the bikers themselves are asked regarding the knives they carry, many would point to tradition or some kind of practiced they learned from their fathers, uncles, or other riders.  Bikers in the past have always carried with them knives while they go from one place to another. This knife-carrying tradition was eventually passed on from one generation of bikers to another.  Some bikers don’t even get to use their knives but having one is something that is considered normal.

Other bikers also point to practicality as the main reason that they carry knives with them.  These bikers may not be able to use the knife very often but when the need arises, having a knife would surely come in very handy.  In situations wherein they need to cut a branch of tree or open a can of food for example, having a knife may be very useful especially when there are no other tools around.  Bikers are expected to go to different places and they could be in areas wherein there are no other tools available for various purposes.  Carrying a knife justifies these very situations. Some bikers who travel alone also make use of their knives as a practical tool for some situations and even as a protection tool whenever they encounter danger along their way.  The knives that bikers carry could be single type, foldable, or multi-use depending on each one’s preferences.

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