Why do Biologists use Classification?

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Why do Biologists use Classification?

The related creatures are grouped under one type by the biologists while classifying the organisms. The phylogenetic relationship between the organisms that exist in one group is understood by the scientists. The biological classification is used to trace the clades and understand the evolutionary relationship between one another. The classification system that is used to group the organisms is dependent on the morphology most of the times. It also depends on the DNA and RNA sequencing.

It was estimated that there are more than 30 million species of living organisms and many are yet to be discovered. To study all of them, it is highly difficult and almost impossible. So, it is essential to classify the organisms, examine their common characteristic features. By following this procedure, the organisms can be studied effectively. So biologists felt the need for classifying the organisms.

The scientists involved in the classification of organisms are called as taxonomists. The systematic study of an organism is easy to be performed when it is identified as one among the group which has certain specific characteristics. The plant and animal species that were identified will have lot of variation in the structure, form, mode of life and other aspects. If the plants and animals are divided into characteristic groups depending on the similarities and differences, it becomes impossible for them to study the organisms.

The method of identifying, providing nomenclature and grouping of living organisms is known as classification. The branches of studies that are dealing with classification are called as taxonomy and systematics. Taxonomy includes explaining and naming organisms while systematics includes grouping and arranging the data that is already described and explained in a hierarchical way.

Classification of organisms helps in studying a single representative of a group to integrate the ideas in life, specifically identifying the organisms, study the organisms in convenient manner, knowing the relationships between the groups and within the groups, knowing about living organisms of a particular geographical location, and understanding the evolutionary relationship between different groups.

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