Why do Black People have Big lips?


Why do black people have big lips?

The organs in the human body or organs of any animal body are evolved gradually from the ancestors of that evolutionary line. And the evolution of life can be influenced by many things that include the living necessities, the climate of the region, the basic programmed genetic makeup in the organism that get changed due to many reasons, the food habits. We have tropical and temperate countries all over the globe distributed based on the extent of summer duration existing over the period of 12 months. In the tropical country on an average summer spans for more than 6 months in a full year. Especially in the case of African countries it goes without saying by seeing the pictures of African people that summer months are more for them. So, tropical country people will have the advantage of melanin pigment growth sufficiently taken place in their skin. This pigment can absorb the ultraviolet rays from the sunlight and prevent the body damage due to them.

The synthesis of melanin will not be much in temperate country people as their skin does not find the necessity to filter UV rays that much as sunny days are very less over there. Similarly, black people known to be originated from Africans might have developed big lips according to their environment conditions few thousand years ago. And that would have been carried over in their genes till now. As there are many diverse ethical groups within Africa and most of them get married to their own people within their community, the genes get concentrated within their region. So, all the common characteristics of Africa people like big lips, curly hair and black body are retained in them. But all Africans are not with broad nose, big lips and curly hair. The central Africa people have long nose, small lips and straight hair. This was found as not because of mixing with non-Africans but due to diverse ethnic groups existing in Africans also.

Author: Hari M

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  1. brad

    December 19, 2012 5:03 pm

    well i cant quite say why black people have such massive lips. I am assuming it is because they are closer related to baboons and other primates than white people. I am positive of the reason they have massive noses ( which sometimes take up 1/3 of there face..)it is because when they lived in the african plains they developed over sized nasal passages to aid in heavier and faster breathing when they are chasing prey, such as an antelope.
    Whites have been civilized for a lot longer than blacks therefore we never developed massive nasal passages for chasing prey. That is about as scientific and non racist it can get when trying to explain there over sized bodily extremities. The reason black females have such massive genitals along with purple clits is unknown.

    • Lola

      March 16, 2013 11:29 am

      Yeah and I guess traveling the world enslaving, raping, mudering, stealing, and sickening peaceful people is “civilized” behavior…oh yeah and if nobody resembles stringy haired apes more than stringy haired whites…just saying

    • Anna Johnson

      April 11, 2013 6:46 pm

      Your ridiculous! If you can’t keep your stupidly ridiculous explanations to your self get rid of your computer so your not tempted to spread the stupidity!

    • Bellenda

      June 17, 2013 6:04 pm

      Brad thats just sad. since black people can sing, dance, and run your jealous. GET A LIFE. At least we didnt rape, enslave and discriminate because of jealousy. Keep being rude and a “NIGGER” just might get you. PEOPLE ARE PEOPLE NO MATTER WHAT. WHETHER YOUR BLACK WHITE YELLOW PURPLE GREEN OR PINK. WE ALL CAME FROM AFRICA>

    • Donut

      October 25, 2016 5:40 pm

      It is not true that black people are closer related to baboons than whites. Big lips and black skin were just the traits of the original population that moved to Africa, so those traits were passed down. The only reason that those traits are still prominent today is that they have no effect on the survival of the individual.
      However, blacks did evolve extra leg muscles for running (probably because they had faster prey than whites). White people also evolved their skin color; they were originally black, but they turned white because it was a necessary trait for the area they were living in.
      Learn some biology dude.

  2. brad

    December 19, 2012 5:11 pm

    hey its me again one more comment. I beleive just like there are different species of animals there are different species of hominid , the negro is not of the same genus of species as the white man. I HATE (most not all) NIGGERS. there fucking irritating to be around. especially when they use nigger words like ”swag” and or ”G-sta.” a black man DOES NOT bother me it is the ”niggers” And if there are any black peopel reading i do not blame u if u feel the same way about hicks as i feel about gangster black people

    • tiffany

      December 26, 2012 12:39 pm

      poor little cracker you. have you lost your way to the klan meeting? here, lemme help you get there. lol what a troll. some of you (racist) white people are soo funny when you go to a “seemingly” abandoned website and throw yor racist frustrations on the comments section lmao. so sad.

      • Donut

        October 25, 2016 5:44 pm

        Just FYI, not all white people are racist. Granted, this Brad guy is sorta off his rocker, but I’ve heard black people yelling both racism and ‘awful white’ in the same breath. Racism is racism, no matter where it’s aimed.

    • Jamilia Fair

      March 24, 2013 6:08 am

      Hey Brad,

      I don’t blame you…some what. I mean, yes I am a 19 year old black woman and I am not “dissing” my own race or saying I hate Black people, I mean I LOVE MY RACE and where I came from, what I am saying is that I am too not fawned of the percentage of black men and women that think they have to be “Gangster” or “Ghetto” just because they want to come off as tough.

      I don’t think that they have to act the way White, Hispanic, Asian, Chinese, etc.(Not All) think they do which is ghetto, wild, rude, obnoxious, violent, ect.

      I was raised by a black single mother and in black neighborhoods and I do not act in the stereotyping way people see us. Well, I was also raised by my White Family to for sixteen years, but that’s beside the point, if I can be black and still be who I am without being rude or ghetto, then so can other black men and women.

      Though I will say this, Black people HAVE come a long way in this Stereotyping world and I am PROUD to Be A Young Black Woman today, just as I am sure you are Proud to be the White/Black/Asian/Hispanic/Korean/ect. Man you are Today.

      Thank you!

    • Get A Grip

      April 6, 2013 10:13 am

      My friends! While we are spewing anonimous vitriol at each other, The blood sucking power structure has poisoned the food supply, economically enslaved the entire planet, and completely undermined the education system of which we all partake. They are evil geniuses. Divide and conquer, that’s how they roll. So keep at each other; the only thing at stake is existance as we know it.


  3. Alen

    January 6, 2013 3:26 am

    Brad is just mad because the majority of black people have a bigger dick than he does but to answer the question black people may have bigger nostrils to breath in more air because of all the running they did to catch their food and when they started to migrate towards the south evolution had it’s turn and changed their skin to become fairer and white so that they could absorb the vitamin D from the sun more efficiently because the further south they moved the less sunlight there was. Also the air was more prevalent and they did not need as big nostrils as they once did. It has nothing to do with a race being more civilized than another because the earliest known civilizations of man were descendants of black people.

    • Jamilia Fair

      March 24, 2013 6:10 am

      I like you’re explanation, minus the whole ‘Brad is just mad that black men have a bigger D*** than he does’ Part of course. (LOL)

    • brian

      July 10, 2013 6:15 pm

      wtg brad speak the truth. whenever u say something about niggers they get all righteously indingnant. ignore them. speak the truth brother. although, i didn’t come from a monkey, nobody did. otherwise there wouldn’t be monkeys around if we came from monkeys. white pride world wide!

  4. Mandava

    January 23, 2013 5:27 am

    I am an African and feel pity for those whitw people who post racist comment, well we developed in accordance to the environment we live, not because we were or are not civilized. My dick is 18 cm which is more than the average of white men. And I believe Brad has gat something like 14 so if I get your girl she will just break up with you, do not be such an asshole, stupid motherfucker.

  5. Lola

    March 16, 2013 11:34 am

    ” the earliest known civilizations of man were descendants of black people”.


    Allen your comment is NOT helping..you should have said that the Black man is the original man, Blacks comprised the earliest of civilizations. All other races stem from that original Black ancestor, and all other races are result of biological mutations.

  6. Jamilia Fair

    March 24, 2013 6:27 am

    My agreement with Brad was not that I agree that he should hate Black people, it was that some of us black men and women are just proving to the ignorant population of Whites, Asians, Hispanics, and other races that all we are, re a no good, ignorant, useless, rude and obnoxious race that didn’t deserve to be created and are only good as slaves with their behavior.

    For example.

    All my life all I’ve heard was “Woman, you’re a White Girl. Jamilia, you’re a White Girl. You’re a White Girl.” “WHITE GIRL WHITE GIRL WHITE GIRL! That is all I hear til this day all because I use proper English, I listen to country, rock and pop music, I focused in school and got good grades and because I can’t talk ghetto.

    I mean, really?

    They say that I am not BLACK enough, that I am a White Girl stuck in a Black Girls body. Are you serious.

    Basically they are saying that every race but Blacks are able to use proper English, listen to different music other than R&B, and get good grade. What I am saying is that I wish our population of Blacks that act the way that some or maybe even most of the other BIAS Races think we do didn’t then we would gain more respect, but then again we should be able to be who we are with no criticism, but who I am I kidding?

    This world is filled with to many FUCKED UP RACIST PEOPLE that we will never have such peace.


    It’s also a FUCKING shame that you have RACIST BLACK PEOPLE in this world also. I mean, how can you hate/despise your own race? Do you really hate being Black? Have you really given up on defending who you are that you started hating who you are?

    To those who think It’s a CURSE to be BLACK…Do Me A Favor…Go Fuck Yourself!


    • Donut

      October 25, 2016 5:53 pm

      I think everything that you just said was entirely correct (minus cussing). Unfortunately, the idiots who are screaming racism are also racist themselves. It’s a shame that the ‘ghetto’ people have to act tough because they feel like they can’t do anything else.
      Do me a favor: prove your race through your life. Prove to everyone that race doesn’t matter; you can be as successful as you want to be. You might think that it doesn’t matter, but it does.

  7. Lope

    May 22, 2013 12:11 pm

    Gosh A Bit of Lucid Comments will be okay… White and Black we all are Human for chrissake stop discriminating stop Racism…ur color don’t get you Food on ur Table… Fuck It

  8. Karen Baker

    January 14, 2014 5:54 pm

    Some of these hateful and racist comments are just beyond belief and exception. I have read where one individual, Brad made horrible and stupid comments of the African people such as “I am assuming it is because they are closer related to baboons and other primates than white people.” And I have seen white people who resemble their black sisters and brothers with big lips, curly, nappy hair, wide noses, big butts etc., ans I don’t feel or think they resemble any type of a primate. What an insulting thing to say about someone. And of course, he did emphasize that he hated niggers etc., Oh well that’s on him and there was of course Brian who stated, “wtg brad speak the truth. whenever u say something about niggers they get all righteously indignant. white pride world wide!” And the white race doesn’t say anything in defense of themselves?! It’s a two way street. If a black person calls a white person, “white devil, a honky or any other insulting phrase, are you as a white person going to just take it? You have different organizations within the white race, such as the KKK, White Supremacist and others and of course you have your black collation groups as well.
    Very sad and misleading to agree with someone or something when you lack the knowledge of how the human race was formed. And then we have to take a look at Alen’s comment, “It has nothing to do with a race being more civilized than another because the earliest known civilizations of man were descendants of black people.”
    And you know this how? If my memory serves me right, it was God who created man from the “dust” of the ground and once man dies, he returns to the very ground of dust that he was formed from. Nowhere in the Bible does it state that God made man from black dust, white dust etc., it states that man was formed from the dust of the ground and God breathed life into him and he became a living soul. So enough with the racial badgering.
    God also, according to the Tower of Babel (which means confusion), that he scattered mankind through out the face of the earth. Each man was confused and spoke in different tongues and were not able to understand each other.
    Now with this being said, when individuals were scattered throughout, they learn to adjust, adapt and over came whatever obstacles laid before them.
    They formed their own rituals, customs, languages and depending on their geographic locations, weather and climate, these people learned and accepted their physical genetics without question. To generalize and stereotype one race against another is sheer ignorance. I am a black women with a proud Jamaican heritage. I have no malice against any other race. There simply is no need for it. We are human and that is quite sufficient for all us to grasp and be proud of.
    There is the good, the bad and the ugly in every walk of life within every race. Unless one specific individual of a specific race has intentional created and did severe harm to you directly, who is anyone to “assume” that anyone of a particular race, that ALL of them are the same?! Why are some of you being so judgmental?! Why are some of you waging insults about this or that?! I have encountered hateful people of all races and I refuse to believe that they are ALL THE SAME. Your demonstrating your intolerance and ignorance towards someone who has never harmed you or could care less who or what you are. Why start something that you may not be able to finish? Why create a problem when it can be avoided? Why go out of your way to look for trouble? Are you that insecure within yourselves, that the only way to relieve any tension is berate someone?
    The pages of history has defined how evil and corrupt all men are towards one another. To mock, ridicule and target with hate towards another race, because you lack the ability to understand, that we may “look” different, speak, walk, customs, beliefs etc., should become a learning tool.
    Instead, because what some of us have experienced in life, we tend to harbor the latter and believe the myths, the lies and the garbage we are faced to see on a daily basis.
    What we need to look at, is WHY are the races genetics different from the others? Are we to believe that one race is superior over the other?! Shouldn’t all races be on the same playing field? I fail to see the harmony of anyone being racist. And then we have Jamilia, who has been subjected by other blacks that she is like this:
    All my life all I’ve heard was “Woman, you’re a White Girl. Jamilia, you’re a White Girl. You’re a White Girl.” “WHITE GIRL WHITE GIRL WHITE GIRL! That is all I hear til this day all because I use proper English, I listen to country, rock and pop music, I focused in school and got good grades and because I can’t talk ghetto.
    I heard the same thing to and didn’t pay it no mind. This is how I was raised and I don’t need anyone’s approval. This subject will always be a troubled one because people are afraid and fear what they don’t know.
    Many people just refuse to accept that races of the world are who they are and they will not change to meet other people perceptions or standards.
    People who find the need to ridicule and mock other races are truly very shallow on the inside. People who hate and attack other races, fear for their own success in life. (This doesn’t mean wealth, status etc, it deals with the richness in life). Those people who believe that one race is superior than the other are the ones who are inferior.
    We are all individuals who stem from a unique geographical and genetic background. We should make every attempt to learn from one another, but in order to do that, we must remove the “blinders” off before we are able to “see” the reality of another.

  9. Susan

    October 1, 2016 6:34 pm

    All I want to know is WHAT is the biological purpose for the big lips of blacks. That’s the only reason my search directed me to this page. I can understand the purpose of huge nostrils in Africa, but not the big lips. Anyone know the answer?

    • Donut

      October 25, 2016 5:55 pm

      It was probably just a trait that was left over from the original ancestors that never got edited out because there was no reason to.


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