Why do Black people have Nappy hair?


Why do Black people have Nappy hair?

Nappy hair means extremely curly hair. Not all black people have nappy hair. Black people do not agree that all of them have their hair as nappy. The texture of the hair is evaluated by the angle of hair follicles and each of their circumferences. If the hair follicle is more angled, the hair is curlier. Nappy hair is believed to be possessed by African-American people. It is believed that nappy hair is mostly seen in the case of people descended from the Africans. They seem to have grown this type of hair to generate a defense mechanism naturally against the hot sun.

As the African countries are very hot, having long hair is not necessary for the people living there. If the hair is puffy in appearance and is occupying a large area, there is more chance for the hair to allow the passage of cool air. Due to the environmental adaptation, the development of nappy hair was inherited to the further generations. The dark skin and nappy hair protects the skin of the Africans from their hot climate than the light and straight hair. Though nappy hair is not on every African head, the dominant numbers of the people were having nappy hair as they were roaming in the environment where the growth of hair is ideal to be nappy.

When the Africans have to go in the sun and roam there for hours together to gather food and water, the scalp is protected by curly hair. Many years ago, people have migrated to various different places in the world. After moving to a new place they got accustomed to the environment. People who were in cold environments did not have vitamin D in their body. They also were living with reduced melanin. The hair of the white people also was lighter and thin. So, the growth of the hair is also not curly for the white people. Hence, the nappy hair is due to the very hot climate in West Africa.

Author: Hari M

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  1. dee

    November 18, 2012 3:09 am

    You ask why black people have nappy hair? It’s because God left for the world evidence that the black man, the first of all men, the one from which all other have come, is the man He created His image. In the hair of the black man is are the fractals of life, the mathematics of depth, the soul of truth. In the head beneath the fractals lies the origins of math, language and understanding, that rules the nature of creation, that possesses the first knowledge of mankind, the holds the greatest peace and deepest of love on this earth- indeed, that contains in its collective soul the essence of God. As a result, that black man is forever persecuted by those given over to the image of Satan, like Cain was given over to his master, who said, “I shall be like the most high God”. The black man, because he is made in the image of God, is derided, demeaned, destroyed and dismissed by those who choose to be made in the image of Satan, in a culture created by Satan, with customs from the pit of hell; a history of destruction, lies, perversion, pillaging and hostility to the image of God, in an attempt to unravel the very nature of God; the fractal.

    • Karenoathkeepers

      June 5, 2014 5:55 pm

      @ Dee…..That is the most ridiculous statement I ever heard. For one the bible does Not say black people were the first people created in his image. The bible clearly states that all mankind was made in his image. Matter of fact scientists have proven Jesus was not black he was Semitic. Middle eastern Jew.


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