Why do Black people have white palms?


Why do black people have white palms?

There are white skinned people and black skinned people, as well as brown skinned people, all over the world. These differences are due to the amount of dark brown melanin pigment that is synthesized in our body. The temperature of the place where we live also plays an important role in our skin color. In those regions, where there will be a greater number of sunny days all through the year, the melanocytes in skin synthesize more melanin pigment. Melanin protects our body from the sun’s ultraviolet radiation, and melanoma.

More melanin presence in the skin makes the skin appear black, and less melanin will make the skin appear less black. White people have very little melanin synthesized by their skin. So, the color of the races is because of some difference in the quanitity of the melanin pigment in our body. That is all.

In the process of evolution, due to high temperatures in African countries, our species over there have adapted to the environment. The African people developed a lot of melanin in their skin to protect themselves from the sun’s rays. After they adapted, their genes were carried over to further generations, and hence, all Africans are black.

This tells us that the more we are exposed to the sun the more we become black due to melanin synthesis. That is the reason why most of the people in tropical countries look pale black to blackish, while those at temperate countries look white. This concept, if applied to the palms of black people, will give us the answer for why black people have white palms.

It is not that only black people have white palms, but all of us lighter-colored palms than the color of our skin on the erect side, which is more exposed to the sun. As the palms of black people, or anyone else, are not exposed to the sun much, they do not develop much melanin pigment. Hence, the palms of black people appear white, as well as everyone else’s.

Black people have white palms due to the presence of less melanin in that region.

Author: Hari M

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  1. Greg

    October 28, 2016 2:48 pm

    Your reference to evolution is ridiculous as that theory is just that, theory. God created man just the way he wanted. Plus you didn’t answer the other comments.


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