Why Do Blackberrys have WIFI?

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Why Do Blackberrys have WIFI?

In this world of cell phones and laptops, Blackberry devices have become a preferred gadget of not only business executives but also of other people as well. Blackberry devices have been accepted widely because of the many features and applications that you can do with it. One of which is the connectivity option that it has when it comes to sending and receiving data. One of the options available is for the WIFI connection.

Most new models of Blackberrys have enabled WIFI to send and receive data. This feature allows users faster Internet access especially when a free network is in range. Data packets travel faster over WIFI networks compared to the cellular data network which other non-smart phones are only capable of. Current mobile Internet services can only provide a theoretical maximum speed of less than 10mbps. A lot of times this is not achieved or worse not available because of the equipment limitations. WIFI-enabled Blackberrys have an alternate means of connectivity in areas where cellular signal is weak or unavailable.

Running over WIFI also enables people who are not on unlimited data plans to access the Internet without breaking the bank. Excess data usage is usually the cost of sky-high bills for people who are not so familiar with their phones. Limiting the data usage via mobile network will also limit your bills to a minimum. This is the advantage of having Blackberry devices that are WIFI-enabled. You can surf the Internet, update your status on Facebook and even chat with your friends via the Blackberry Messenger application without worrying about excess usage.

Although you must take note that not all Blackberry devices are WIFI enabled. Most of the newer models though already support WIFI like the Blackberry Bold, Curve, Storm2 and Torch. So when buying a Blackberry device do not forget to check the manual first to see if it does support WIFI.

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