Why do Blizzards form?

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Why do Blizzards form?

The heavy winds along with intense snowfall at the temperature of subzero are the ideal environment for the ‘blizzard’ formation. The area or region that consists of air flow at very high pressures causes advection which will result in powerful blizzard. The main reasons for the formation of blizzard are very noteworthy. The air that has enough chillness in it comes out from the surface of the earth. The atmosphere was found to be having great level of moisture content and the warm air will move above the cold air. Due to this process of movement of warm air high up in the atmosphere, a snowstorm occurs. The snowstorm gives rise to very strong winds and intense snowfall which continue endlessly. There are certain series of events that will lead to the formation of an intense blizzard.

The main foundation for the formation of blizzard is the proportion of cold air in the atmosphere. The warm air currents pull the cold air towards the equator and away from the North and South poles. The warm air moves from the equator towards the poles. During the course of motion of the warm air and cold air towards each other in opposite directions, a state that is considered intermediate was created and called as Front”. When the clouds are about to form, they receive moisture continuously. The clouds filled with moisture at one stage tend to release the moisture in the form of snowfall. This stage of cloud is said to be at saturation point.

The clouds gradually absorb the moisture and water evaporation takes place after that. Generally, blizzards start to take its form beginning from the rivers, tributaries, and seas. The winds that resemble in the storms along with the Front” initialize absorption of water. Gradually, the storm becomes strong and a frightening snowstorm called as blizzard. Blizzard will give out the moisture in the form of snow as the cold air will get condensed on the ground surface.

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