Why Do BMWs Smell Like Crayons?


Why Do BMWs Smell Like Crayons?

Going home in your own car purchased with your own money can be considered to be a major milestone in your life especially when it is a BMW. The smell of this car is something so distinct that it will forever be imprinted in your memory. They say that BMWs smell can be likened to a box of crayons.

If you go online to search for answers, there are indeed forum threads discussing this matter of BMWs smelling like crayons. Reading the forums will give you several answers from the mundane to the more possible reasons. Others find it offending while others find it ok because it is the smell of a new car for them.

One of the more possible reasons for the smell is that it probably comes from the plastic interiors melting giving off that smell. Car interiors especially the dashboard is more often than not made of plastic. It colder climates where this car is produced, it probably does not smell strong because of the cold temperatures there. However, when the car is brought to a country where the temperatures soar, then the plastic for sure will melt although not that obvious. The smell of the plastic will be stronger when the weather becomes hot.

Another reason attributed for this smell is the adhesives used for the interiors. The adhesives used may smell like waxy crayons. When the car heats up, the adhesives may be giving off that distinct crayon-like smell as a result.

Having a car that smells funny like a crayon may mean something is wrong with the car. Have the car checked for possible reasons. Car companies are trying to decrease that ‘new car smell, because there are studies coming out linking it to cancer. But whatever it is that causes this crayon-like smell, it will surely be distinct to BMWs.

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  1. Peter

    October 6, 2012 10:21 am

    The smell of crayons in the car has nothing to do with the plastic or adhesive in it. It’s actually the wax coating the manufacturer puts on the frames as a rust preventative. It’s a European thing. Same with vw’s. hope this helps

    • Marc Dunbar

      June 7, 2014 8:22 pm

      Well guys I finally figured out what the Crayon Chemical smell in the 3 series is. it is the sound and heat shield under and behind the rear seat, as well as under the rear speaker deck. I removed all of the tar like rubber mat from these locations and replaced it with dynamat and Dynaliner and the obnoxious smell is 100% gone. Its pretty simple to do but it will take you pretty much a whole day. But well worth the trouble!


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