Why Do Bongs Get You Higher?

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Why Do Bongs Get You Higher?

Bong is a water pipe which is also used as a device in smoking. Bong is used by other smokers because it is smaller and portable. It has a bowl and a stem as components. The bowl is where the water is placed while the stem guides the air downward towards the water. Once the stem is blown, there will be bubbles going upward.

Bong has been used years before in Thailand. It was even the most popular method in smoking tobacco. It can be made from wood, bamboo, or metal. The metal bong is made up of brass or bronze. It has the following parts: the water-pipe, a bowl-stem, the water container, and a smoking pipe with a length of not less than 12 inches. It also has a tobacco container lid and a pipe rack consists of two holes. The rack is where all the parts are placed.

Others prefer to use bong because of its high effect. Older generations usually use bongs because of this effect. This is how the bong operates. The plant or cannabis is put at the end of the stem. A long cylinder or water pipe has a hole where the stem is attached. The water is also placed in that cylinder. It also has a mouthpiece where the smoker hits the smoke. Once the smoker hits the cannabis or other substance, the water helps in the cooling effect thus minimizing the burning of the mouth, lips, tongue, and lungs.

Others claim that using a bong is safer because the water can trap the heavier particles. It can wash the smoke getting in the mouth. But research show s that the water pipe or bong may be less harmful but it filters most of the active substance of tobacco or cannabis. With this, smoker has the tendency to smoke more to reach the desire effect. This is the reason why using bong makes you higher.

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