Why do Breasts Hurt Before Period?

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Why do Breasts Hurt Before Period?

Premenstrual period or PMS as most people call it is one crazy time in a woman’s month. This is the time of the month where you don’t want people to be messing up with you. We get mood swings; crave for both salty or sweet foods and sometimes both. We also experience a lot of aches and pains especially in the breast area. Breast tenderness often painful is a common symptom of PMS.

To have your breasts hurt a week before your period is normal for women. You can blame it all on the hormones that cause everything to be topsy-turvy when it comes to your body. The hormones prepares your body for the possibility of pregnancy occurring. The breast tissues start to swell preparing itself to be able to nurse a coming baby. However, when no egg is fertilized, then your uterus cleans itself by getting rid of the blood lining which in turn becomes your period. So when no egg is fertilized, things go back to normal and the pain in the breast subsides.

Another reason for your hurting breasts can be that your body is reacting to the increased levels of estrogen which is considered to be the primary female hormone. This hormone regulates the female reproductive system that is why the breasts become fuller when there is an increase in estrogen in the body.

It is also during this time that water is retained in your body which causes you to feel bloated most of the time. This is also one reason why your breasts swell before your period arrives. The tissues in your breast area retain water causing it to be that way and when it is stretched then you start to feel the pain.

However, all of these symptoms go away once your period comes. All systems and processes in your body go back to normal.

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