Why Do Breasts Itch?


Why Do Breasts Itch?

Many women are experiencing breast itchiness but not all women understand why it’s happening. We all know that breasts are one of the essential parts of a woman’s body, therefore it’s a requirement that all women know how to take care of their breasts appropriately.

So why do breasts itch? Don’t immediately panic if you feel the itch on your breasts, sometimes it’s just normal. However, you might want to think about these following causes. If you feel it applies to you then make appropriate solution.

During summer, breasts can be very itchy because you sweat more than usual. Woman’s breasts are sensitive, especially the nipples. So, make sure you are wearing a comfortable bra and change is as often as possible. Sweaty parts of our body are the favorite part of fungus to grow, and breasts are no exception. Before you wear your bra, put suitable amount of loose baby powder on your breasts, this will help absorb the sweat. Also, there are over-the-counter antifungal creams you can buy, but it will be better if you ask your doctor’s prescription.

What if it’s not summer? Well, you may blame it on your bra. Some women are not really picky when it comes to their underwear garments, but girls take note that breasts are very important part of your body, so choose only the best bra in store. Make sure it’s made from cotton, seam is not rough, and it should be perfect fit. Too tight bras and rough seams can cause breasts irritation.

Dryness of nipples can also cause itchiness. So make sure your breasts are always moisturized. Use moisturizing soap when taking a bath, if it’s not enough you can also apply mild and scentless breasts moisturizer after bath.

Sometimes, most women experience breast itchiness few days before their menstruation. Well that is because women’s breasts grow a little bigger before their period, therefore skin is stretched that cause itchiness. If severe itchiness doesn’t stop and you think it’s already beyond norm, visit your doctor immediately because the worst cause of breast itch is a rare form of breast cancer ‘š Paget’s disease.

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