Why Do Brides wear White?

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Why Do Brides wear White?

There is one day in a woman’s life that she dreams about starting when she is only a little girl. She dreams of finding the perfect guy and being able to plan and set up her wedding to make it all her own. She dreams of wearing the most beautiful white dress that will leave everyone who attends the wedding speechless and gawking at how gorgeous and perfect she looks. This is one of the most memorable and thrilling days in a woman’s life and nobody can get in the way of her being the most talked about and stunning person in the room at the time.

Women have traditionally decided to wear white dresses for quite a few reasons, but one in particular stands out above the rest. White is the color or purity, flawlessness and cleanliness. Wearing a sparkling white dress that seems to glow amongst the backdrop of a wedding symbolizes that on this, her wedding day, she is the definition of perfection and is absolutely pure in each and every way. This also makes her seem like the most flawless woman on that day and that can only make her feel great about herself and make the people around her feel amazed by her at the same time.

Not everyone decides to wear white dresses on their wedding days, though, but that should not take away from the meaning and importance of the day for the bride. The color of the dress that she wears is not nearly as important as the happiness that she is feeling right then and there in that moment of bliss as she is standing at the alter with her soon to be husband. This is a day that neither of them will ever forget and should be remembered as the brightest and most perfect day of their lives together.

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