Why do Bulls Attack Red?

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Why do Bulls Attack Red?

One common misconception is that bulls hate the colour red. Bulls, just like any type of cows are colourblind. All they see is the color gray. According to the Bullfighting FAQ, there are two kinds of cape which is being used during a bullfighting event. One is the ‘Capote’, a large, flowing magenta and yellow coloured cape and the ‘muleta’ which is the smaller red cape that we usually see. The ‘muleta’ is exclusively used by the matador for the ‘faena’ or finale part of the bullfight event.

The colour red is a part of the Spanish culture and is always being used during festivities like bullfighting events. They also chose this colour because it is easily recognizable. The audience can easily distinguish the bullfighter when he’s moving inside the ring.

Now that we know that the bull’s violent behaviour is not influenced by colour, the remaining question is ‘why do they attack?,

They attack because they are angered. They are easily enraged because the bulls which are being used for bullfighting events are very aggressive. These bulls are exclusively bred for aggressiveness. From the age of three, these young bulls are tested for their hostility. Only the most aggressive bulls are the ones they pick.

Another reason is that before the bulls are released from their cages, they were already stabbed by the ‘picador, several times in the back of their necks. This is what makes them angry for the first time. Top it off with those irritating flapping and rotational movements from the red cape and you get yourself a very angry bull. They clearly see the red cape because they can no longer lift up their heads due to their neck injury beforehand. So what they’ll just do is attack whatever they see which in their case is the moving red cape.

Bulls will attack anything that moves regardless of its colour especially when they’re angered and annoyed. It is also a proven fact that they don’t attack stationary objects even if they’re wearing red suits.

In conclusion, bulls cannot distinguish any colour. Bulls are colourblind. They attack because they are irritated by the cape’s movement.

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