Why do burps smell

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Why do burps smell

People burp after a hearty meal, and it is often perceived as an indication of a satisfied feasting on food. In actuality, burping is a natural process that the body produces in order to eliminate gas that accumulated in the stomach and releases it out of the mouth in order to avoid upsetting the tummy. However there are cases when burps are accompanied by foul smelling odor which can be quite disturbing, embarrassing most of the time, not just to the person who did it but also to others who smells it.

Several people may have experienced smelly burps in rare occasions and this may be due to ingesting stinky foods or that may cause gas in the stomach like eggs, garlic, onion, fatty meats, dairy products, and other high protein foods.  In this case, the smell that comes out of the mouth is caused primarily by the acids in the stomach which is breaking down the food that is hard to digest, and the smell of the stinky food also goes with the stench.

Smelly burps may also occur when drinking too much alcoholic drinks and sodas that cause stomach acidity. There are also prescription drugs that produce bad smelling burps. In both cases, smelly burps may be averted if one breaks the routine of drinking alcoholic drinks, sodas, and specific medicines. Also drinking plenty of water, especially in between meals or warm water in the morning, helps reduce acidity in the stomach and in digesting food thus limiting the cause of smelly burps.

However, there are people who experience smelly burps more often than normal which may need medical attention in order to treat the problem. Smelly burps may be caused by health conditions like ulcer, stomach infection or poisoning, gastro paresis, acid reflux, and many other problems related to poor digestion.

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