Why do Celebrities get away with Crimes?

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Why do Celebrities get away with Crimes?

Over and over again, we hear in the news about celebrities seemingly getting away with crimes committed, but I would not say that they get away but that they often get away with lesser penalties. Strange enough, they tend to get away with almost any crimes whether it be alcohol, drugs, theft or even murder.

If a ‘normal, person in society had committed these crimes, they would be punished for the wrongs they had done and to the full extent punishable by law. But when it comes to celebrities, it appears as if they are exempted so the question is asked…does money talk?

These are the same faces we see in the movie theaters and on televisions worldwide so celebrities ought to set examples for people to adapt. There have been cases where celebrities snap and lose control into moments of pure insanity then after wards, would be willing to pay any price to fix things.

Even if we see it on the television where they go to jail, do they really spend the right amount of time for the crime they have done? Let’s take a closer look. We see celebrities getting jail time for 2 hours which gets caught on tape so that people think they got the same treatment. But they get to stay in different areas of the jail to be alone. They are also protection from all the dangers that a normal inmate would be exposed to and they get to go home to their multimillion dollar mansions after the press goes away because they have the money to buy their way out of sticky situations.

But the main reason why celebrities get away with crime is because we as a society give space for these things to exist. We need to write letters to the Judges and demand their resignations or not elect them back into office. We as a people need to stand up and set the right tone. Sure it won’t change tomorrow, but this will have a longer term effect.

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