Why Do CFL’s last Longer?

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Why Do CFL’s last Longer?

Many people had been debating if CFL’s really live up to their reputation. Some say that CFL’s burn out, just like the regular light bulbs that they use and find only disappointment on the product. However, there are things many people doesn’t know about CFL’s.

CFL’s or Compact Fluorescent Lights effectiveness lies on certain conditions. Some experts believed that if they are continually switched off and on their lifespan actually decreases at a faster rate. CFL’s are better used for ‘long lighting hours,, this means that they have to be turned on for a while and not ‘on and off, repeatedly all throughout the day.

Proper use and positioning of the light bulb is the factor that will affects its ‘long life,. Like using the right tool for the right job, a CFL is best kept in normal temperature. They are not best suited during cold temperatures and should not be subjected to vibrations. These things affect their effectiveness and shorten their life span.

CFL’s last longer than incandescent, probably because of the slightly lower output that helps to improve its lifetime rate. Their expected lifespan is between 6,000 to 15,000 hours. While incandescent lamps last around 750 ‘š 1000 hours only. Although factors like defects, voltage spikes, shock, frequency of ‘on and off, function, temperature etc. affects it the most. When you notice that the CFL’s light is getting dimmer than usual, it means that it is gradually declining. The changes may not even be present throughout the bulbs life.

CFL’s can also reduce your lighting bills by up to 20% compared to incandescent lights. Even if they cost more than regular light bulbs, you will see the difference in their performance and power consumption. There is also the mercury issue, which makes other home owners wary of using them. The company however says that ‘there is nothing to worry about,. The mercury present in the CFL’s is not life threatening, contrary to people’s belief.

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