Why Do CFLS Burn Out?

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Why Do CFLS Burn Out?

Before we answer why do CFLs burn out, let us get to know first what are CFLs or what is it? What does this acronym stand for? What does it do and how it is related to burning out?

CFL or CFLS stands for compact fluorescent lamp or lamps. It is a small fluorescent lamp that is widely available in the market as replacements or alternatives for incandescent bulbs. Let us get to know this type of lamp further.

Compact fluorescent lamps are said to be a great way in saving a little in your electricity bill in compared to using incandescent bulbs. The advantages for using these are; its cost in the market is cheaper than the incandescent bulbs. The bulbs have higher life sustainability compared to the others. And you get about 60 watts of light for a 13 watts power used. But what are also the disadvantages of using CFLs?

Compact fluorescent lamp contains mercury. In the incidence of breakage, one must leave the room immediately as it has health effects like allergic reactions, disruption to the nervous system, negative reproductive effects and DNA damage. The CFLs do last for a maximum of seven years but provided that its usage is that of 3 hours per day.

If the reason of buying this type of bulb is because of the hyped life span it can have then maybe you haven’t known all the information related to it yet. Compact fluorescent lamps do burn out for the reason that consumers use it more than 3-4 hours a day. Its life span will be reduced. But if the type of lamp is used like 3 hours or less or for about 30 minutes to an hour like an incandescent bulb, then its rated life would increase form 6,000 hours to 9,000 hours. The time usage of the bulb influences a great deal why these CFLs burn out in lesser time as expected.

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