Why do college students cheat?

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Why do college students cheat?

College is considered by many as the tail end of formal education. It is in this level where preparations for lifetime careers are sought and most people find it necessary that they mature after such level is over. In the first years of college, it is inevitable that students find the curiosity on almost all things. In class, they tend to ask the most odd and silliest questions while always finding something new. As the later years of college come by, students start to worry whether or not they could find a stable job or will they be stuck in the state of unemployment for the rest of their lives. As choices, chances and decisions have to be made; college life will never have life without the in-betweens.

Partying, drinking, smoking and other vices are known to be part of the college life, definitely many students enjoy. It is one common scenario that students enter class having high alcohol levels in the brain or students smelling smoke from cigarettes. More so, weekend nights is always on a full schedule for partying. Along with these is the commonly practiced habit of cheating. Colleges have existed always with the policy of no cheating. But this remains to be on paper. College students are often caught cheating and their reason comes in various points. Others cheat because they simply do not know the answer while others cheat because they are in dire desperation to pass. It could also be that college students cheat simply because they want to know and feel what it’s like to be a moment of tension, where they can feel the adrenaline just so not to get caught.

As young as they, college students intend to try things just so not make them ignorant.

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