Why do college students drink?

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Why do college students drink?

College is level in education where one has to choose what career to take and what profession to pursue. It is in college that serves to be the basis on how one will eventually live his or her life. For most individuals, it is in college where complete freedom, as they say, can be experienced. For the majority, it is in college where one gets to do what one desires. More so, entering college for many people is the stepping stone to be ultimately free from the demands of the parents, family members and the community one lives in. For some, college is their key to escape the prison walls of their homes.

Along with this perceptions are behaviors that obviously support such notions. Alongside the independence and care free nature that college life brings are the vices and habits that most likely one can get involved into. In almost all places of the world, it is quite inevitable that college students tend to try anything. One common vice that most college students delve into is the habit of drinking. Drinking is a pastime-it’s something to do. However, other people who drink alcohol justify that they drink to signify their emerging adulthood. As growing individuals, they want to try out things that at some point in their life, they cannot anymore. Another identified cause why college students drink is because they want to enhance their ability to socialize. It has always been a common scenario that as part of social gatherings and events, drinks are served. To reduce tension and ease off anxiety, people tend to drink to keep them calm and thus, they can socialize with others. For some, drinking can help them cope from stress that is why they resort to such practice.

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