Why Do Cookies Get Hard After Baking?

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Why Do Cookies Get Hard After Baking?

Cookies are perfect for snacks. There are different varieties of cookies available. There are cookies that are chewy, soft, and hard. The secret of cooking soft cookies also depend on the mixture and the ingredients. However, there are cookies that get hard after baking. These may be caused by the number of eggs used and the type of butter or oil mixed. Some people like chewy cookies because of the softness. Some people also like harder or crisper cookies. Cookie gets hard after baking if there are more eggs used. The egg yolk makes the cookie hard.

Cookies also get hard if it is baked with too much heat. If you want crisper or harder cookies, you can extend the baking time. Once you only want chewy cookies, you have to pull them out of the oven before they will look done because the heat will still be cooking the cookie even if these are already pulled out of the oven.

Flour is also one reason why the cookies become hard after baking. If there are too much flour or a stronger flour is used such as bread flour, this will contribute to the hardness of the cookie. If you want soft cookies, just use cake flour because of its low-gluten content. Cookies also become hard if the liquid being mixed is not enough. Since baking will absorb the liquid, then less liquid will mean, less moisture.

Baking should be done with perfection. Though cookies may have recipes, still the secret of baking is the formula. The ingredients should be exact because one mistake will lead to a disaster cookie.

For those who want to experiment in baking cookies, it only needs to have the main ingredients such as flour, egg, water, butter. But then, the difference only matters in the ingredients used and the time spent for baking.

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