Why Do Cookies Have Flour?

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Why Do Cookies Have Flour?

Flour is an important ingredient especially when you’re baking cakes, pastries, breads and cookies. It acts as a medium to combine the ingredients together and is necessary for consistency. When you combine all the ingredients together, it doesn’t have a definite form or shape. Flour can make that possible. It is the main ‘binding ingredient, that gives cookies their texture and volume.

Cookies are the simplest examples of what you can do with flour. It taste good and everyone loves to eat freshly baked cookies. Cookies come in different shapes and sizes as well. It depends on the flour and the mold equipment you used to create the shapes.

Not only in cookies, flour is essential in cakes and breads as well. Without it, cakes and bread wouldn’t even exist. Flour is made from wheat and other ingredients that produce ‘starch powder,. When water is added to flour it creates a material called ‘gluten,. This gives elasticity to the mixture and helps trap gas that is released from the mixture of ingredients like yeast. This is an indispensable ingredient you use when baking cakes, cookies and bread.

Flour can come in bleached or unbleached types. Bleaching is the process of ‘aging, the flour to produce better results when used in baking. Some bleaching techniques involve adding chemicals to the flour to activate its aging process. Some of the flours that we use today are called all purpose flour, cake flour, self rising flour and many other types of flour. There are flours for every baking need. Choosing the right type of flour would definitely yield to better results.

When you’re finished eating your favorite cookies, the flour turns into glucose when digested. It gives your body a good source of carbohydrates. This in turn helps fuel your body to accomplish your daily activities.

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