Why Do CPOE?

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Why Do CPOE?

The effectiveness of Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE) has been debated ever since it was started. It is supposed to make things easier to a lot of people, but problems kept on piling up one after the other. Experts are now unsure whether the problem lies on the system or the physician themselves.

The ‘quality and accuracy, of these prescriptions is important in saving lives. A wrong turn, miscalculation and errors could lead to fatalities. This is the main concern on why the use of CPOE is questioned every now and then. People say that ‘not all systems are perfect, which is true, it depends on the people that uses and manages them to make them effective.

Many have high expectations for the system. The proper education for trainees (those who will use the system) should be supervised by professionals to avoid possible mishaps that may cause health hazards to the patients. The system should be periodically checked for errors as well. Updating information based on the latest medicines, cures and treatment should also be implemented to make the system more reliable.

Other experts believe that through the combined efforts of hospitals, vendors, government and the patients themselves would greatly improve the performance of the system. Technology is a very powerful tool that we use in our everyday lives. It can make things a lot easier for every individual. Misuse of the same technology, especially in regards to health problems can cause dire consequences.

The public deserves the right to know the effectiveness of the system or not. There had been many improvements in the system with the help of hospitals that implemented CPOE. Up to this date, the system is still being modified and updated to reduce the risk of errors that can endanger people’s lives. Until the system proves to be perfect, the debate will still continue for many more years to come.

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