Why Do Criminals commit Crimes?

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Why Do Criminals commit Crimes?

There are a few different ways to look at why criminals do the things that they do. It is very easy for a common person to look at someone who has stolen something or assaulted someone for whatever reason and label them a hardened criminal without knowing exactly why those people decided to commit those crimes. Some people decide to steal things from others because they need to survive or they need to support their families and are having trouble making ends meet. These people, in my opinion, should not be labeled criminals if they are doing whatever is necessary for their own survival.

Another reason why criminals decide to commit crimes is actually just plain for the excitement and rush that it gives them while they are doing these things. I think at one point or another we have all done something that is morally or legally wrong and felt that excitement and rush that it gave us while we were doing whatever it was. Now, that does not mean that we continued to chase that rush and started committing felonies left and right, but we can see what exactly drives some of these people to continue to seek out that rush.

I, by no means, condone assaulting people or stealing things from other just for kicks, but I do understand the plight of the unfortunate people who have no other choice than to take what is not rightfully their own to remain alive and well for another day. It is a pity that some people feel the need to come to that conclusion, but it is a reality of this world today and it will remain so until someone takes care of it. Crime is never going to completely stop, but it is our duty to make sure that it at least slows down in the very near future or we are going to have a big problem on our hands.

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