Why Do Crows Gather Together?

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Why Do Crows Gather Together?

As the sun rises and falls, you may notice a common act of crows. They gather as a group like they are having a meeting or something. But what is the real reason behind this? A research proves that the crows gather as flocks in a particular area for various reasons. Safety is their main agenda. Sleeping crows rows gather as flocks in a particular area for various reasons. Safety is their main agenda. Sleeping crows feel much safer if he is with the same species rather than being alone. They can be alarmed easily if there are predators or people near to them. It is a common thought that there is increased survival if they are together.

Another factor of gathering together is the search for warmth. Their family members give enough warmth that a single crow needs. This principle is just the same with a baby looking for his mother’s warmth of embrace. Third reason is by means of communicating. Even they are considered animals and don’t have the ability to talk, they have their own language and skills in terms of communicating with each other. They often warn their flock if there is danger ahead. They also lead one another to a source of food if there’s any. They efficiently pass information by means of gathering into a particular place. Moreover, they can also find new friends and mates if they get the chance to belong on different flocks. They also tend to socialize and find partners once they gather in huge groups.

It has been a noisy gathering for the crows. And as full darkness is starting to approach, they will definitely find a tree and gather around until the tree will seem to be leafed out as its color begins to turn shiny black. Throughout the whole night, the crows are fairly quiet. But once the sun starts to shine at its brightest again, the clamor begins and these birds will leave the tree on groups as the day continues.

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  1. Jennifer

    December 28, 2016 12:24 pm

    At the back of my house there is a field. Over the last 15 years I have watched the crows gather at dawn & dusk on a tall tree. They do not sleep on this tree and leave just as the darkness creeps upon them. I have noticed some kind of hierarchy with pairs of crows fighting for a branch high up in the tree. I assume this shows some kind of order of importance. These birds have found a very special place in my heart. I will be leaving this house in 2017 and have a photographer coming to take photos so I have a lasting memory of them. Thanks for answering my question about why they gather together like this.


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