Why Do Cucumbers Make you Burp?

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Why Do Cucumbers Make you Burp?

‘Cool as a cucumber, is a phrase that sells in the market most especially in warm weather months. But would you still feel cool when you burp from time to time after eating a cucumber salad or a pickled one? Do cucumbers really make us burp and why?

Cucumber is a creeping vine that roots from the grounds and creep its way to the top, scientifically it is known as Cucumis sativus. It bears an elongated, cylindrical fruit that is usually eaten fresh or pickled. It has high water content and has a moist and cooling taste.

Aside from the refreshing taste are health benefits accompanied by eating cucumbers. Starting from its flesh, which primarily composed of water but contains ascorbic acid needed to promote health and prevent infection and caffeic acid that reduces skin irritation and swelling. Cucumbers consist of fiber and other minerals like silica, magnesium and potassium that are vital components for a healthy connective tissue, muscles, cartilages, tendons, ligaments and bones. Learning how cucumbers can be good to our body makes one think that an indulgence to this would bring greater gains. But burping after eating cucumbers can make you think twice.

What is a burp? How does it go about? And how is it related with eating cucumbers?

A burp is nothing less but gas. Burping happens when you eat or drink. During eating or drinking, you do not swallow food or liquid alone but also you swallow air. Now the air we breathe contains gases like nitrogen and oxygen, and when swallowed these gases need to get out and burping happens. Moreover, there are also foods and beverages that are gas producing or gas forming. Among the major gas producers are onions, celery, cabbages, cauliflower and cucumber to name a few. It is said that foods usually high in fiber like the cucumber has a gas forming characteristic which explains why when eaten in small or large amounts, can make one burp.

So the next time you munch on pickled cucumbers or have a snack of cucumber salad, need not worry why you burp or feel less cool because in burping you maintain homeostasis in the body.

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