Why Do Cymbals Crack?

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Why Do Cymbals Crack?

I think every musician out there who has ever picked up an instrument has always, at one point or another, wanted to learn how to play the drums and perfect them. Being able to be the creator of a rhythm and set the tone for the rest of the members of the band that you are playing with has to be one of the best feelings that anyone could ever have. I actually have never learned how to play the drums professionally, but when I am playing music with other people I like to set a beat or a rhythm with my hands or even with my voice or mouth to set the tone for the whole session.

One of the greatest pieces of a drum kit set up is the cymbal. The cymbal seems to put the finishing touch on every beat that you hear in any song out there today. When a drummer hits the cymbal it usually means that the chord progression is ending and another one is about to start again, so it in essence is the ultimate conductor of the entire drum kit by itself. Of course, like with anything else that is repeatedly hit or beaten on, the cymbal has the tendency to crack a little bit after a little bit of time. It is always an unfortunate thing to have happen because cymbals are certainly not cheap items to buy.

So, even though it is very difficult to have to worry about breaking a piece of a drum kit while you are involved in an intense jam session with your friends, you do have to remember that they will end up costing you a bundle to replace if they do ever in fact crack or break completely. It is very important to always have a back up plan as well in case one is broken because that could definitely signal the end of a jam session very quickly if you do not have a replacement piece on hand.

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