Why Do Cysts Hurt?

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Why Do Cysts Hurt?

One of the more painful experiences that any human being can go through is probably when they have a cyst growing underneath their skin in awkward places on their bodies. I, myself, have a certain type of cyst growing on top of one of my knuckles that, if and when it gets bumped or knocked into, hurts worse than any pain that I have ever felt before in my life. In some cases, though, the placement of the cyst and what part of the body it is attached to is the most determining factor in how much pain it could actually cause if brushed against or bumped into. Mine being on my knuckle is probably one of the more exposed areas and that has never been a good thing for me.

One of the main reasons why having a cyst can be an extremely painful experience for someone is the fact that a lot of times the cyst is adjoined with many different nerve endings and essential parts of the body while it is growing and living under the skin. Having something knocked into it will only agitate the nerve endings which in turn causes an immense amount of pain. Having the cyst removed as soon as possible is probably the best idea in any situation because trying to live through the pain is only going to interrupt your life in many ways.

Cysts are caused when mineral buildups combine and form in an especially rich area of the body like bones and joints and other things of that nature. Having a cyst on a bone is especially painful, but can be monitored a lot easier if it is not in an area that tends to receive a lot of action or possible hits. Having my cyst on my knuckle is just plain bad luck on my part, but I have known for people to have them in much more discrete and less harmful areas as well. It is all about taking care of your body in every way that you can.

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