Why do dachshunds shake?

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Why do dachshunds shake?

Dachshunds are part of the hound family that is usually described as dogs with short legs but have long bodies. Coming from the German language, the word dachshund literally means badger dogs. Although its pronunciation comes in variety among countries of the world, the purpose of its existence and breed are ultimately universal. It was observed that breeds of dachshunds having the standard size are reproduced primarily to scent, flush and chase out badgers and other animals that burrow the ground. Those dachshunds of the miniature type function by hunting smaller preys such as rabbits and rats. Typical dachshunds are long-bodied and muscular, with short and stubby legs. Its unusually large paws allow such animal to dig and seep through narrow burrows with its loose skin. Dachshunds can be playful but can be stubborn as well. They have a loud bark and without proper training they can become nuisance barkers. However, they are known or their devotion and loyalty to their owners, despite being standoffish towards strangers.

One features that dachshunds exhibit is its shaking ability. Over the years that dachshunds have existed, they were evidently found to be shaking at one point to another. One reason why dachshunds shake may be because they are in the states of terror or fear. Another reason for dachshunds to shake is because they are wet. To keep the water off from their loose skin, they shake from time to time until they fell that they are dry again. Pain also causes dachshunds to shake. In an attempt to displace the pain being felt, dachshunds tend to shake, with the hopes that the pain is shaken off from their bodies.

As interesting as with other dogs, dachshunds exhibit interesting features that are definitely from other existing breeds of dogs.

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