Why do designers use Macs?

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Designers in general think that they want to be cool while working on graphic designing. Working with Apple products is also a cool experience for the designers, probably. In the perspective of both hardware and software, the products from Apple are considered as well-designed, and  designers are  found to be interested in this aspect very much. The designers say that Apple is a design-led company while Microsoft is a technology-led company.

If a Wi-Fi connection has to be set from the system having Windows Vista, it would be the equivalent to a tiny exercise. If the properties of the network connection are not set correctly, the “connect to the network” dialog box will not allow the user to enter the password and get connected to the Internet. The person must know initially that there are certain, hidden features which have to be toggled with in order to connect to the Internet. In the case of Macintosh, there will be simply a Wi-Fi (airport) option which can be clicked to get the various types of networks available. The relevant network can be selected, and the password can be given after selecting it. This is very simple and easy for the new person also to enter into the network. There will not be any hidden settings that have to be set before entering the password.

Macintosh is designed in such a way that the user finds it easy to operate. Windows appears to be focused on doing any complicated process as long as it reaches the end and gives the result. Designers like the process to be simple and focused on the user. Designers generally think that the picture that they have in their minds has to be brought onto the screen without much lengthy procedures and disturbances in their way. They generally prefer not to battle with the settings, and they feel it to be irrelevant. That is probably why designers choose to use Macintosh. Some of the reasons for the designers to choose Macs for their work are:

  1. Best graphics platform.

  2. Less down time with enhanced productivity.

  3. Perfect for high-end graphics application.

  4. Use of advanced graphics tools.

  5. Output is high in quality.

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