Why do Desktop icons disappear?

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Why do Desktop icons disappear?

When you add new icons on the desktop, the icon will disappear if the desktop has already large number of icons. If there are many icons present on the desktop without overlapping each other, then icons can be placed away from the visible part of the screen. Disappearing of icons occur when the desktop is totally filled with them and there is no place for the newly added to exist on the desktop. To make all the icons to appear on the desktop, a new folder can be created and all the icons can be dragged into it one by one. This function will make the disappeared icons to appear slowly.
The disappeared icons can also be trapped by using the Find” tool. If the icon ‘spacing tool’ is not adjusted to a ‘medium sized’ in its properties, more number of icons will not fit on to the desktop. The vertical and horizontal spacing can be adjusted in the appearance tab of the display properties. This will allow more number of icons to be placed on the desktop. Desktop icon disappearance can be solved in windows 7 and vista through control panel. In the control panel, the desktop settings can be changed in the personalization menu. The option called ‘change desktop icons’ can be chosen to adjust them properly on the desktop.
The disappearance of icons in the desktop and taskbar disappearance happen when there is any problem with a program in windows called Explorer.exe”. This file is known to manage various user interfaces in windows. After booting of your system, windows get loaded and sometimes it fails to identify the file explorer.exe in the hard drive. It was found that some built-in functions help windows to scan and identify the file explorer.exe and other files. Defragmentation was known to help windows to extract the files present on the hard disk. Another option called Error checking” in the tools tab of hard drive properties can be checked or selected. When the system is rebooted, the hard drive will be scanned for errors and those can be fixed or repaired. These functions can be made to work on all the hard drives. This might resolve the issue of disappearance of desktop icons.

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