Why do Dobermans get their ears cropped?

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Dobermans or Doberman Pinschers are domesticated dogs that are known for their loyalty and protective nature.  These dogs are one of the most well-loved breeds in many parts of the world because they can be trained to become companion and guard dogs.  With their strength, high level of alertness, and other skills, the Dobermans have a reputation of being strong and trustworthy.  Part of this reputation is due to their perceived look of greatness and confidence.  Over the years, people have tried many techniques in terms of improving the Doberman’s look to serve a unique purpose and provide a better aesthetic.  One common practice for Doberman breeders is ear cropping. For some people, cropping of the Doberman’s ears is simply aesthetic in nature.  The truth of the matter is that cropping actually serves two purposes.  One such purpose is indeed quite aesthetic in nature.  Cropping of the ears is typically done to help give the Doberman a more polished look.  Being referred to as guard dogs that are strong and alert, cropped ears that are standing are considered to be more appropriate for the dogs.

Aside from the aesthetic reason, cropping of the ears in Dobermans is also said to improve their sound localization.  Dobermans are inherently strong and alert but their level of responsiveness and alertness can be improved by the way their ears develop as they grow older.  If the Doberman’s ears are cropped to stand early on in their lives, the ears will develop to stand instead of just flow to the side.  Ears that are cropped to stand are said to improve the Doberman’s hearing abilities and significantly improve their sound localization ability.  Many Doberman’s are trained to become guard dogs and companion dogs and so having cropped ears will also benefit their masters in terms of protection and alertness.


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