Why Do Dogs and Cats Fight?

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Why Do Dogs and Cats Fight?

Dogs and cats had been a favorite pet by people since ancient times. The reason why these two animals hate each other has been a subject of healthy debates over the years. Some people love dogs, other prefer cats and there are people that love both. Some people say that dogs are playful animals and they like to explore and discover different things. That goes for the cats as well and made more popular by the phrase ‘Curiosity killed the cat,.

Maybe the difference in species is the factor that affects everything. People talk to communicate with each other, dogs bark, and cats’ meows and of course the body language is forever present. Although cats are playful animals (around their owners) they are also more serious when compared to dogs. When a dog approaches a cat, its first instinct is probably to play with it. The cat on the other hand is probably intimidated by the size of the dog and its natural instinct surfaces. The cat has two choices, to run or to fight. Since both are territorial animals they usually attack anyone that they think would be a threat to their home. This goes for both cats and dogs.

But the fight between the two doesn’t always happen. Owners with dogs and cats prove that these two animals can live in harmony. When both animals are introduced to each other especially at a young age, they tend to create a bond with each other. Seeing a dog and cat sleep together, or a dog nursing a baby cat and vice versa, can be the sweetest and cutest thing that anyone can see.

So the next time you see a dog and cat fight other, remember that even these two different animals can just be as fierce in their love for each other.

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