Why Do Dogs Chase Cars?

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Why Do Dogs Chase Cars?

There are lots of people who are wondering why dogs chase cars. For dog lovers it will be interesting to know why our dogs do this chasing act. Dogs run after cars or other vehicles, for similar rationale when they chase kids on bikes or when they try to grab hold of the cats or smaller animals or dogs. ‘To chase, are dogs instinct, this is their accepted prey drive. You can also consider them playing games at times when they do this.

Often we see dogs play and chasing balls or Frisbees. This is one way they also show their prey drive. So basically, they are not just playing around but at the same they also have this normal instinct to run after objects. When dogs are chasing cars, or other objects, although it’s their drive to do so, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the dogs intent to hurt or kill, it’s also their way to engage themselves to other creature or things.

However there is a more grave type of chasing’š¬Ã¢â‚¬it’s the hunt. Various dogs have a superior prey drive compare to others. Dogs such as, shepherd dogs, hounds (hunt dogs) and terriers have better prey drive. They have are more likely to hunt and kill their prey. The series of hunt dogs towards their victim, first, dogs searches; second, they began to stalk; then third, they start the chase, eventually they will bite; lastly, they will kill and eat their prey. This dangerous manner is what they call ‘predatory aggression,. This is the natural behavior of hunt dogs, not abnormality. This is triggered by movement.

Predatory aggression has a small number of cautions. The dog will usually glide up to the anticipated prey noiselessly until it is within range. And then dogs will now show its aggression by squeezing at heels and biting it, in an attempt to pull the prey to the ground. The costs of such aggression can be fatal to the victim. If you own a dog and you know that it has a superior prey drive that can lead to predatory aggression, make sure you properly train your dog or at least you have a full control of him/her.

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