Why Do Dogs Pant?

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Why Do Dogs Pant?

Dogs are such lovely and adorable creatures. Most households have at least one as a pet. It is often called a man’s best friend because it can be fiercely loyal to its owner. As part of its effort to survive, you will see dogs panting.

This act is done to help the dog regulate its body temperature. Dogs have fewer sweat glands unlike humans. Most of it can be found in its paws and at the base of their feet as well as their ears. By panting, the dog is able to cool itself down starting from the mouth and tongue area then lets the cooled blood circulate to the rest of the body especially the head. This is an instinct that dogs have especially when temperatures start to rise. Dogs do not pant and drool to annoy you or the other dogs around it.

For humans, we sweat when it is hot. Sweating it out helps humans cool down. Since dogs do not have enough sweat glands in their bodies then panting is their way of cooling off.

Panting helps to have a continuous flow of fresh air into their mouth thus cooling off that area. When that area is cool, then it is able to help bring cool blood into its brain and head thus regulating its body temperature.

Although, excess panting can also mean that something is wrong with your pet. There must be something wrong in its system which leads to excessive panting.

However, even if the dog has this amazing ability to cool itself off by panting, they are still prone to overheating. It pays to be alert when the temperatures start to rise. Always have a supply of fresh cool water in his bowl as this helps a lot in maintaining its ideal body temperature.

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