Why do Dogs wag their tails?

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Why do Dogs wag their tails?

Dogs, just like humans, have the ability to communicate. They may not be able to speak the right words but their actions can help them express their feelings. Just like the wagging of their tails. We often see dogs move their tails as a sign of communicating what they want. Dogs wag their tails for many reasons. The speed and movement of their tail wagging also means something.

When the dog wags its tail when it meets its master, it means it is too excited to be cuddled. It also indicates happiness and friendliness. If the wagging is slow, it is relaxed and sees no threat with its environment. If the tail wags too fast, there is something dangerous according to the dog’s senses. It may also be a sign of fright and nervousness. Sometimes, it can be a sign of dominance and assault.

If the tail of the dog is held high, he feels strong and confident. It may be a signal of aggression. When you see a dog with the tail held high, you must be careful because it may bite or chase you.

If the tail is wagged awkwardly, the dog feels shy and unsure of its environment. If that’s the case, the dog should not be threatened because it might attack as its way of self defense.

The actions of the dogs, especially the wagging of their tails, are an ideal indication of their moods. If you are a dog lover, you would understand how the dog feels by just looking at its tails. Dogs also socialize and one way to send a message to its master, fellow dogs, or another animal is through the tail. It is one form of their body language and nonverbal communication which made them unique and easily understood by human beings and their environment.

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