Why do domestic cats hate water?

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Domesticated cats are well-loved animals in many households.  Many cat owners also have the assumption that all these cats hate water. Some cat owners can also attest to the fact that their pets will instantly run away if they are sprayed with water.

When the experts are asked about this supposed fact, many of them actually argue that not all domestic cats actually hate water.  There are actually some species that love to be in water and do not run away when being placed in a tub full of water.  Some of them even point out that some cats actually like being bathed.  These same experts also believe, though, that many domesticated cats are simply not exposed to water, and this is the main reason why they are seemingly afraid of water. Many cat owners, for example, simply accept the fact that cats are able to clean themselves and so they do not bathe them.  There are also cat owners who assume that their cats wouldn’t enjoy some drizzle of water, and so they don’t even attempt to expose their cat to water. The cat’s limited exposure to any elements of water basically makes them feel uncomfortable with water, and this is one basic reason why cats seem afraid of it.

It is also a common incident wherein cat owners sometimes spray their cat with water to give it some sort of punishment for a wrong deed or bad behaviour.  Most of these spraying incidents involve spraying the water on the cat’s face which may cause the cat to be surprised or freak out. When domestic cats are exposed to incidents like this, they will also develop a certain sense of water phobia. Just like the way other animals think, these cats will also run away whenever some kind of a threat or unwanted incident is feared.  For cats, the spraying of water will then be synonymous with a threat or punishment. So every time they are sprayed with water, they will also act as if they’re afraid of it.

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