Why Do Doves Cry?

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Why Do Doves Cry?

We may not notice it but animals also cry. Just like in a popular song When Doves Cry”, birds can also shed tears. It may sound and funny and unlikely but it is actually true. Doves are just like humans. They also have feelings. They also feel pain and hurt.

Animals and birds have a natural way to feel different emotions. They can be desperate, sad, afraid, and gloomy because they are also frustrated with the situations around them. Just like humans, these birds also have the feeling of love, motherhood, possession, and intellect. They can shed tears if they are alone. They cry if their baby birds are in danger. Their tears drop if their beloved possessions are stolen from them.

According to research, tears function as protection of the birds’ eyes. If they feel any irritant in their eyes, they shed tears to enhance their vision. Birds also cry if they are in distress such as separation from their mothers. Doves for one, fly away to look for food for its chicks. The separation may cause sadness to these baby doves because no one will take care of them. They will feel insecure and unprotected. At this point, the little doves will cry.

For some, they may not believe in birds having emotions just like humans. The tears in their eyes would simply indicate that they had eye irritation that’s why the tear glands had functioned to protect the eyes from further damage and allergies.

But whatever the reasons the dove may have why it simply cries, only nature can explain. But one thing is for sure, seeing the tears in the Dove’s eyes is a reminder for us that birds should also be given freedom and life they have been longing for. It’s time to preserve these birds for in the end, they may also serve as our friends.

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