Why do Ducks quack?

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Why do Ducks quack?

Most of the birds have the tendency to make noise continuously. In fact the noise made by the birds has been the concept for many of the poems written by the poets. The reason behind the noises made by the birds can be many which might include expressing their presence, or their mood or general communication with other birds. The quack sound made by the ducks is probably a way of speaking with other ducks. It seems ducks make various types of quack sounds that are meant to give various meanings. A quack may give the meaning as hello and the other quack might give the meaning of giving a warning.
There is an opinion among the people that not all the ducks will quack, though most of them make the typical quacking sound. It is found that females among the dabbling ducks make this sound of ‘quack’. The ducks that are diving fast make the noise as ‘scaup’. Among the dabbling ducks males were found to not make any quacking noise. Ducks make wide range of noises other than ‘quack’ like whistles, cooing, yodels and grunts. The calling sound is made louder by the ducks and the contact calling would not be so loud. There is a belief among the urban public that the quack noise of the ducks do not echo. But, this was disproved empirically by the acoustical engineers at University of Salford in Great Britain.
It was observed that different breeds of ducks make different sounds and a male duck of same breed makes different sounds to that of the female one. It is a major opinion of many people that ducks quack as it is their important way of communicating. The quacking sound made by the duck is always compared to the complaining tone. If any one of us is complaining about anything unnecessarily, he is advised not to complain like quacking duck. This is said probably because the quacking sound is made continuously without any break in the morning.

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