Why do Dwarfs laugh when they run?

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Why do Dwarfs laugh when they run?

Dwarfs are historically deemed to be part of the mythical creatures, originally in German and Norse myths. Commonly seen in fairy tales, fictional fantasies and role-playing games, dwarfs are highly acquainted with the possession of magical powers. It was once believed that dwarfs can either be bad or good depending on how one treats. If one treats them kind, their presence is said to bring good luck and good fortune. However, if one treats them with cruelty, one will experience cruelty and mishap in return. Its name was derived from the Common German language dwergaz which has a literal meaning of being a midget or a little person. Often categorized under the family of elves, dwarfs are likely of having human characteristics and features. Its most common picture is that of a person, having a height of three to four feet with a big head and beard on the face. Just like a child with a face of a grown man. But today, regardless of its mythological relations, dwarf is used to connote to a person who is short.
As dwarfs were observed, it was noticed that they laugh when they run. And a lot of people query about this. Many have already spread the foolishness with the topmost humorous answer of the reason why dwarfs laugh when they run. They said, the dwarfs laugh when as they run, the grass tickles there private organ. Although a seemingly witty answer, the dwarfs don’t just laugh because the grass tickles their private part. The primary reason why dwarfs laugh when they run is that they enjoy what they are doing despite their physical deficiency. They can still do what normal” humans do and they are able to seize and live the thing called life.

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