Why do Ears Bleed?

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Why do Ears Bleed?

Some people are greatly troubled when they experience bleeding in their ears. They would initially think that something is very wrong and would immediately consult the doctor (which is the best thing to do). Bleeding of the ears can mean something is ‘terribly wrong, or it is just a normal occurrence and not a cause for concern.

There are reasons why our ears bleed and the most common reason for it is ‘when we clean our ears using Q-Tips,. When we remove earwax in our ears, it could create an itching sensation. Due to this sensation, you will be scratching your ear a little more aggressively to relieve yourself from the itch. This method actually irritates your ears and would make the itch more severe. Aggressive scratching may cause your ear canal to bleed and it may cause infections.

The other reason for the bleeding is called Trauma. Trauma in the ears refers to the ‘chapping, or bleeding of the ears due to accidents like concussions and the likes (which involves damage or fracture around the head). Bleeding in the ear caused by scratching is another form of Trauma.

There are severe infections in the ears that may cause it to bleed. Some of these infections are Otitis externa, Otitis media, chronic otitis media and the worst case scenario the development of a tumor.

Consulting a doctor or an ear specialist is the best option that you can choose when you experience a bleeding of the ear, ‘just to be on the safe side,. Heed is advice and recommendations about the cause of the bleeding. Make sure you have a definite grasp about the reason why you experience the bleeding. If treatment is necessary, you should do it as soon as possible. This would lessen the risk of the infection to develop into something more serious as time passes by.

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