Why Do Ears Smell?

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Why Do Ears Smell?

Any topic about stinks and smells would normally eke us out, especially when we talk of odors of the human body. It is not a normal topic we talk over breakfast or lunch, nor do we talk about them in a night out with friends. However, these body odors actually mean something regarding our body’s natural processes, and sometimes, they would mean an abnormality. That is why it is always good to know why they smell the way they do.

Let us take our ears for example. Naturally, ears smell because of wax build-up. This is a normal body process like farting. Earwax plays a very important role of protecting your ears from bacteria and fungi that may affect you hearing capacity. Therefore, s long the stink is still that of a freshly made cheese, and as long as you clean them regularly, there is no need to worry.

However, when your ears already smell like a rotten cheese, then you have to really consult a doctor, especially when fluid or pus is already developing from within. The strong stink of a rotten cheese would, most of the time, mean that you have an ear infection. The three most common stinky ear infections are:

a) Otitis externa, which is an infection of the outer ear canal;
b) Otitis media or the infection of the middle part of the ear; and,
c) Cholesteatoma, which is said to be the most uncommon, but is the smelliest of all.

Therefore, talking about body odors, though not a very conducive conversation topic is something that we must learn not to be ashamed about. They are but normal by-products of body processes, which could sometimes be perverted by bacteria and fungi which causes certain illness and infection. We just have to maintain good personal hygiene to minimize the smell and avoid getting infected.

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