Why Do Eggs Make Me Nauseous?

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Why Do Eggs Make Me Nauseous?

Egg is a food that is rich in cholesterol. This food is healthy though it is sometimes not especially for the individuals that are experiencing hypertension and have diabetes. There are also people that feel sick once eaten an egg because they have egg allergies.

This can explain why eating eggs makes you nauseous. This is especially happens when you currently have high blood pressure or you are experiencing various health conditions such as diabetes and the like. Most probably, people who are feeling nauseous after eating eggs are the elderly and also the individuals that are prohibited to take foods that are rich in cholesterol.

Another possible reason is that if you have allergies on eggs. Actually there are two possible things that you might experience when you have egg allergy, one is that you can feel your stomach crumble or you will feel dizzy after eating one. If this will persistently happen to you then you might as well see and seek for doctor’s advices before you experience worst causes of eating eggs.

This is not to imply that eggs are an unhealthy food. The fact is that it can really cause health problems to some people depending on their health status. So the best way out for you is to be cautious enough, once you believe that you feel sick after eating it then you have to take necessary actions immediately.

Contamination could be another possible reason why you would feel dizzy or sick after eating eggs. The solution in this is very self explanatory, you would have to double check the food that you are to cook and eat and keep safe in eating and serving meals. This does not involve only eggs but all of the beverages and foods that you are going to cook and eat.

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  1. Shannon Macri

    April 14, 2013 9:32 pm

    The sulfur in eggs can also cause the ill feelings in your stomach for many hours after eating just 2 eggs.


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