Why do emos cover one eye?

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Why do emos cover one eye?

Emo people are the kind of individuals who display admiration to the culture established by the punk rock fashion. These are attempts of establishing a style that is highly distinct from other established subcultures. Emos typically wear black accented with bright colors and unusual images. Males often wear tight jeans, studded belts and small shirts. They are also fond of having piercings; putting on eyeliners and having their hair grow long, for their eyes to be covered. They most likely take pictures of themselves with only one side of face shown. For some, they interpret this to be being ashamed of having two side of the body. Emos enjoy dark, dry places, and middle-class suburbs, where they enjoy the company of other people.

One highly distinct and noticeable among all emo people is their one sided hair, particularly covering one eye. For most regular people, they associate with the trend they want to set. They often interpret it as just part of their fashion. However, there are emo people who claimed that there is a significant meaning associated with their style of covering one eye. Emos explained that they cover one eye basically to hide their feelings of sadness and depression and to show that they are the kind of people who have low self esteem. They further explained that showing only an eye indicates that there is something to be uncovered within them. For some, they believe that it is part of the emos rule to have a portion of their face covered by their hair, thereby including their one eye.

Nowadays, emos are still evidently seen in various places. And studies have shown that emo people constitute those who are committing self-harm, writing poetry, being depressed, and identifying one’s self as bisexual.

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