Why Do Empires Fall?

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Why Do Empires Fall?

Hearing the word empire takes us back to thousands of centuries back. An empire is a geographically wide group of people and states, and is headed by a monarch, be it an emperor or an empress. Politically an empire projects a strong, centrally-controlled state but could also means a large-scale business enterprise in the vernacular usage of the word.

The famous early empires were those of the Akkadian Empire which existed on the 24th century BC. During the classical period was the famous Roman Empire. For the post classical period was Islamic Empire also referred to as the Arab Empire of the 17th century. Fast forward in the modern empire, was the German Empire. Amidst its power and strength, why do these empires fall?

Empires despite its greatness, power and strength, do fall for different compelling reasons. It is inevitable that no matter how a civilization or an empire grows, there are as well setbacks and declines. War can be a cause to fall of an empire. If other empires would take moves for conquest of an existing empire, the empire could fall if they have not won the battle. Natural disasters or calamities like hurricanes, massive earthquake can cause the fall of an empire. Another would be epidemic diseases in which before, cure wasn’t that available. Over population that would in turn create an economic effect for sure can shaken an empire. If any of these would occur and the empire has not gained stability and doesn’t have the capacity to over come these problems, any great empire could fall.

If an empire were to be compared to any nation today, the reasons stated to make it fall is never different. These are of natural and man-made caused occurrences that can happen to any nation. Let the events in the past serve as great lessons for the leaders of nations and its people now.

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