Why do Employees Join Unions?

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Why do Employees Join Unions?

If you were an employee of any company, you would understand why it is always better to join a union for the purpose of better protection of your rights as a worker.

If you are not, here is an example of how a union works. For instance you worked at a company with a boss who gives you a wage that is lower than the expected minimum wage, a union leader thus forms a union of people within the company who share the same sentiments and then at the same time, acts as the voice who delivers the complaint to the big boss. This is where the importance of a union takes place.

Having a voice at work is important for any employee because it is through this that they are able to relate their concerns and exercise their rights as workers. This is one of the many advantages of having a union membership and it is also called a union advantage. .

Union members all over the country actually represent a cross section of people ranging from women and men of all ages, races and multi-cultural groups. Some work 9-5 jobs, others work in hospitals and clinics, while others are auto-mechanics, some are construction site workers, pilots, cabin crews, and janitors you name it. Although their wage rates and incomes may vary, it is essential for all of these people to be union members because it is through this that they are able to gain more decent wages, benefits, good working conditions and have a say in their jobs.

In a gist, when unions are formed, its sole purpose is to make better or improve their jobs and advocate each worker’s choice. If they win a case against a company protocol that they feel is violating their rights, the company would somehow resort to negotiating and compromising to meet their workers needs.

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