Why Do Eskimos Kiss With Their Noses?

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Why Do Eskimos Kiss With Their Noses?

Eskimos live in Alaska where the environment is covered by snow. In view of this common assertion that Eskimos kiss with their noses, well technically speaking the answer is no. Eskimos do not really kiss through their noses yet due to practicality; they have to use their nose as a sign of greeting one another. Rubbing their noses is one practical and easy way to show greetings and fondness to anyone they meet simply because of the weather condition where they are in. If they kiss with their lips as a form of greetings like most of us in the Western world do, then their lips will surely stick with each other due to snow and the cold weather. They must never open their mouth or even show their tongues lest it would get frozen!

Their noses are the only exposed body part that they will use in order to show their greeting with each other. It goes without saying then that they could not simply afford to show any other body parts just to greet their friends and fellow Eskimo. This is for their safety and good health that they only use their noses in greeting every person they meet.

In order to show respect and appreciation to their fellow Eskimo, they have to rub their noses with each other not as a form of kiss but a greeting instead. Some people who studied the lives of these Eskimos claimed that they use their noses to greet each other in order to smell the person they meet because smelling in their culture is a way of paying tribute to one another. Eskimos in short are very courteous people who pay so much attention when it comes to greetings with their fellowmen. Kiddingly speaking, some people said that Eskimos kiss with their noses because they cannot afford with their mouth or lips due to bad breath!

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