Why Do Eskimos Look Asian?

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Why Do Eskimos Look Asian?

Many people believed that the first Eskimo’s came from Asia when they crossed the land bridge going to Alaska, also called the ‘New World,. Because of this fact, many similarities between Asian people and Eskimos are discovered when they were first seen by other people. They are a tough breed of people that lives on the northern coast of North America, Siberia, Greenland and the Arctic Archipelago. They withstand extreme temperatures that most people won’t be able to handle.

They are people that are believed to have originated from Siberia. They had adapted to the harsh environment of the Antarctic Environment and lives happily with family and friends. They share a belief that all things have a soul attached to them. They believe in spirits that wander the earth and do harm to people. They have medicine specialists known as ‘shamans, who is able to talk to these spirits and serves as a link to the living and the spiritual world.

The name Eskimo came from the Indian word ‘wiyaskimowok, literally means ‘eaters of raw meat,. They call themselves ‘Inuit, and it means ‘people, in their native tongue. When someone talks about Eskimo’s they initially think about ‘very cold places and at times pictures an igloo,, that is not entirely wrong. Igloos are the home of Eskimo’s whenever they go in their hunting expeditions or decide that the place is suitable for living.

It is surprising but they do hunt even on the environment that they live in. They hunt reindeers also known as ‘caribou,, seals and on some occasions hunt and fight polar bears. Eskimo’s also have pets and they are well trained dogs. They use them to carry them through their sledge and at times help them to hunt down prey.

We have to keep in mind that no matter where they originated from, Eskimo’s are our brethren and we could learn a lot from them.

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