Why Do Esters Smell?


Why Do Esters Smell?

Esters smell primarily due to the alcohol and the carbocilic group that is the natural combination of its components. The common smell of esters is fruity. Yeast is the primary composition of esters and this is very famous in making wine. Esterification, the very chemical action where esters are produced makes it possible for this yeast product to emerge in our markets. The most common product which benefits a lot of esters is the beers that we get from our fridge. Mostly, those homely brewed beers are the very same beers that utilize esters in its making process.

In other words, our beer industry and specifically its manufacturers do use esters as a flavor because of its fruity enticing smell. It goes without saying then that esters as an added flavor make beer and other products to sell fast than not having these fruity flavor of esters. The usual effect of this flavor is the aromatic cooling effect that it gives to the one who smells it. Therefore, if you buy a beer and drinks it with esters on it, it is very much probable that you will ask the waiter for another serving.

The smell of esters according to some food and beverage experts is undeniably very pleasing to one’s nose and in most cases it causes addiction most especially to first time drinkers and women also. If women and first time drinkers smell esters, it would be very easy for them to be addicted in drinking the same beer brand simply because without them knowing it, the addiction has entered already into their body system. The nostrils will somehow long for this typical aromatic fruity smell of the esters so much so that if the person craving for it might be uneasy or even restless once he or she won’t find or taste the beer or any beverage with esters on them.

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  1. mat

    February 13, 2013 12:49 pm

    Wow, this article is wrong. Just, bad, bad information. “[esters] cause addiction most especially to first time drinkers and women”. The writer is just plain wrong about esters in beer and esters being the cause of addiction. Please remove this before someone sees this and thinks it’s fact.


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