Why do estrogen levels drop?

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At the time of menopause, the ovaries are found to secrete low levels of estrogen, and hence they have lower estrogen content in the body. Other than this reason, the possible reasons for a reduction in estrogen levels are: hysterectomy or oophorectomy, autoimmune disease, low levels of body fat, chemotherapy or radiation therapy, and being vegetarian. Estrogen constitutes a collection of hormones which have the same characteristic features. The estrogen levels vary based on the menstrual cycle of the woman. At the start of the menstruation cycle, the estrogen content will be less and gradually it increases.

When a woman experiences menopause, the levels of estrogen come to a normal level and slowly stabilize. The stabilization of lower estrogen levels occurs as the woman does not have periods anymore. It might take a few months for the periods to stop. The measurement of estrogen levels is done with the units of Pg/ml. The woman of reproductive age has estrogen levels within the range of 50 and 400 Pg/ml. The estrogen content in menopausal women will be from 10 to 20 Pg/ml.

During menopause, the estrogen levels that were fluctuating until that time will become noticeable amounts at the age of 50. The estrogen levels sometimes might go up, and sometimes they might go down. This condition is represented by hot flashes, vitamin D deficiency, dry skin, headache, hair loss, and back pain. If the estrogen levels are low, women will experience extreme tiredness without working very hard. The low levels of estrogen also can lead to anxiety with panic attacks and depression. After a hysterectomy or oophorectomy, it will make the hormones lose balance. Estrogen levels fall, and the levels of follicle stimulating hormone increase.

Weight decrease, eating disorders, and intensive exercise are known to influence estrogen levels. Some athletes do not experience menstruation, because they do not have eggs released. Some genetic abnormalities also might result in the drop of estrogen levels. For instance, Turner Syndrome will not allow the ovaries to release eggs.

Therefore, estrogen levels will drop majorly at the stage where the body of the women does not need the function of this hormone such as at menopause and at the beginning of menstruation period. Its levels might also drop due to dietary deficiencies.

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