Why do Eyelashes Fall out?

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Why do Eyelashes Fall out?

Eyelashes are the bunch of hair which are beautifully spaced out that grows from the base of the upper and lower eyelid making the eyes look superb. As soon as these eyelashes repeatedly fall off for some reason at all, we ask ourselves ‘why are my eyelashes falling out?,.

From time to time eyelashes fall off more often, just like the hairs elsewhere in the body. There are also reasons why they fall out. There is a natural shedding of eyelashes as new growth pushes out old eyelashes and replaces it, like other human body hair. Eyelashes develop every 2-4 weeks for about 1 centimeter. This is slower compared to the hair growth rate on our heads.

The technique you use when removing make-up, wiping your eyes too forcefully to remove the mascara can weigh down frail lashes causing them to fall out, and the pressure of an eyelash curler can pull them out as well. By this you should be able to tell if it is because of this why your lashes are falling off or it can be of some serious reason.
There is a medical reason when you lose an excessive amount of eyelashes. Blepharitis is one of the most common culprit for eyelash loss. It is characterized by persistent inflammation of the eyelid which leads to eyelash loss. The signs that you experience when you have blepharitis are redness, itching, burning, and light sensitivity, this usually affects adults rather than children. Unfortunately, blepharitis has no cure. You may take Antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medications along with eyelid scrubs, antioxidants, and massages for long-term management that can very much reduce the manifestation and intensity of symptoms.
If you have the habit of plucking your eyelashes, then it is very likely that is the probable cause of your eyelash loss. We do not pluck our eyelashes because it simply falls off when new growth develops. So, if you’re doing it now, stop it!:)

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    August 13, 2010 5:29 am

    Informative article …common cause of eyelash loss at a higher then natural rate is from using too much make up and over using extenders, lengtheners and curlers. Any device used to pull the eyelashes in an unnatural fashion is bound to do some damage, and when used over an extended period,…..highly recommended..


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